The Artist

”You have to trust your own taste instead of looking at your surroundings to see what’s right.”

My name is Tomas Vagner and I am an artist. My style of painting is abstract, vigorous and characteristic, and I search for harmony between color, form and surface. I would place myself in the category ”contemporary”, that is timeless, modern and unique. I like to paint big and generously, my paintings are bold and take up space.

Art can be just about anything so to explain my art with a ”why” can become misleading. I create mainly for myself but the most important thing is that I myself would want the finished result on my own wall at home. I trust myself, my feeling and my taste, and I’m not worried about what other people feel and think – and I think that my buyers are the same.

 I have always painted and created. If I had done the right thing from the start I would have always painted. But insecurity or ignorance made me choose another path. It was still creative since I was a graphic designer – but I have always wanted to be an artist. So one day I decided to do the right thing. Now I am an artist and creating full time.

Since not everybody has the space for, or the possibility to buy, my paintings I also create posters exclusively for My and my colleague Jenny simply wanted to give more people the possibility to decorate with unique pieces on their walls that they can only find at I hope that you will find some favorites among my posters and if you would be interested in my original paintings you can find them at were you can also find my contact information.

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